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Reading, Writing and a Rhythmic Tick!
The Ancient History

Born and raised in Oklahoma; heard/absorbed/dug all kinds of music and artists, from big bands to Beatles to Yes to Leon (Russell, of course!).  Wrote my first song when I was in my first band - Tom Thumb and the Four Fingers, and have found my head full of notes ever since. 

Played professionally in cover and original music bands in the OKC area while attending OU as a Radio/TV broadcasting major and headed out on the road, playing from Florida to Seattle.  

It was in the Midwest, when after I found myself snowed in for four days in a dimly lit motel room that inspiration hit.
Once my brain thawed out, it told me I should consider Southern California, where snow is optional...
The Change

It was in the Midwest, when I found myself snowed in for four days in a dimly lit motel room that inspiration came to mind - once it had thawed out.   That mind whispered to me... "Hey Gar - you know I hear that in Southern California, snow is...OPTIONAL!" 
The Now

I love writing and creating original music.  Guitars play a prominent role in what I do because, well, they are my main instruments, for composing I use keyboards as much if not more.  I love a great beat as much as anyone, but personally I believe it's Melody that makes the Magic.  

...and so I pursue the endless quest of assembling instrumentations, notes, lyrics, sounds, timings and all the other variables into something meaningful.  
forte is writing and creating original music, be it song, trailer, jingle, film cue or even a children's puppet show (Velveteen Rabbit)..